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3 Reasons Crafters Need to Learn Photoshop

by Hanna Brooks Olsen
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crafters learn photoshop

Running a small craft business requires a lot — not only do you need to have perfected (or at least, almost perfected) the actual making of your art, but you also need to be savvy on social media and up-to-date on the business aspects, like running a website and accepting and making payments. You need to keep tight books, accounting for your labor and materials and creating prices that make sense and, ideally, a profit. Additionally, you need to be a master of marketing.

Fortunately, there’s one piece of powerful software that can help with a lot of those elements: Photoshop.

Learning Photoshop may feel daunting, but this 25-year-old industry powerhouse is exceptionally beneficials for crafters looking to expand their offerings, raise the bar for their social media marketing, and present a more professional public face. And you don’t need to be a software expert to take advantage of Photoshop’s powerful tools. Crafters and creative bloggers can master a handful of crucial techniques that will dramatically improve their imagery.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons crafters should learn Photoshop.

Better sales. In the world of online retail, product photography makes the difference between a sale and no sale. zulily craft and DIY buyer Madison Eckendorf says that improving product photography is her “biggest piece of advice” for crafters. Which means a.) take good photos, but also b.) edit them so that they look nice. There are tons of apps you can use to edit your photos, but doing it in Photoshop ensure that the images remain high-quality, which is important if your shop ever gets written up on a website or in a magazine. Plus, Photoshop gives you the control to make composite images, or otherwise alter the pictures.


Different product offerings. If you’ve traditionally been a knitter but have considered needlepoint, learning Photoshop can open up a whole new world of ideas, because it allows you to make your own patterns. Or, if you stitch or sew, you can even sell downloadable patterns; these digital assets create a free way for you to make money even when you’re not actively crafting. This is called passive income, and it can create new revenue streams that add up to real money.

Another great digital product? An ebook! If you have a great deal of expertise on how to run a small craft business, drafting a beautiful ebook in Photoshop might be a good fit for you.

Prettier communications with customers. Whether it’s the confirmation email your customers receive after making a purchase, the fliers or business cards you hand out at craft fairs, or the email newsletter you’ve been meaning to send, using Photoshop to ensure attractive, uniform branding of your digital communications helps you build a strong brand that looks professional and also does some of the marketing work for you.

You want your customers to get used to seeing your branding and hearing from you — and with Photoshop, you can be sure they always know it’s you, and they’re always happy to receive your notes.

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