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Break In Case Of Emergency: Tara Gentile’s Creative Rescue Plan

by Hanna Brooks Olsen
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Business strategist and the author Tara Gentile knows that sometimes, your small business will run aground. Whether it’s a lull in business, a marketing mishap, or the feeling that you’re constantly, perpetually in crisis mode, your small business can sometimes feel more like a burning building than the thing you spent your entire life trying to construct.

So how do you recover? If you were, in fact, trapped in a burning building, you’d look for an escape route, a safe mode of egress. You’d know not to take the elevator. You’d proceed outside to safety. But in the creative sense, emergencies seem much harder to escape.

For those moments, Tara has created this break-in-case-of-emergency toolkit to help you douse the flames and take control of your creative business. Post this necessary sign near stairwells or other points of exit…or just next to your desk for when you need a new plan.

tara gentile creative emergency

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Hanna Brooks Olsen

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