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No More Drab Landscapes: A Collection of Epic Outdoor Photography Tips

by Rachel Gregg
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Epic Landscape Photography

We’ve all had that moment; standing on the edge of a soaring landscape, camera in hand, clicking away, desperate to capture even a fraction of the majesty before us in a single still photograph.

Our outdoor explorations fuel our creativity and energize us for our work. And it is so awesome when we have images from our adventures that take us back to those magical moments in time.

Unfortunately, landscape photography isn’t easy. In fact, it can be confoundingly difficult to strike the perfect blend of composition, light, and technique. Lucky for you, CreativeLive is here to help.

To save you from walking away from your next great adventure with substandard pictures, we put together a collection of tutorials from our all-star lineup of photography instructors.

In this video, John Greengo makes sure you master the essentials. He breaks down the basics of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in a way that even the most amatuer photographer can understand.

Watch and learn as Art Wolfe critiques a select group of nature photographs.  Learn more.

Tom Mangelsen teaches you how to apply those basics to an outdoor shoot. Bonus: you get to take in some pretty epic vistas from Jackson Hole.

You want emotion-fueled images that recreate the experience of actually being there. Legendary photographer, Art Wolfe, shares his insights on making images that make you feel things.

Great outdoor photography reflects the light in the scene, captures the complexity of the landscape, and conveys the color in the sky.

Learn how to do it right. Explore our complete collection of outdoor photography classes and bring along some new skills on your next outdoor adventure!

Experience the artistry and vision of Art Wolfe.  Learn more.

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