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Light Your Holiday Sales Season on Fire

by CreativeLive Staff
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The holidays are a crafter’s high season. The same boom that retail outfits see in November and December are available to handmakers, provided you prepare in advance.

To help you make sure this upcoming holiday selling season is your best yet, we’re bringing together some of CreativeLive’s best instructors and entrepreneurs for Improve Your Holiday Sales.

Improve Your Holiday Sales is a collection of five intensive classes, taught by the best experts in the field. Tara Gentile, Megan Auman, Tara Swiger, Abby Glassenberg, and Lisa Jacobs are coming together to bring you the best lessons they’ve learned from their combined decades of business experience.

Their insights, lessons, and examples are designed to make you a more effective marketer, a more persuasive salesperson, a more profitable business owner, and a more prepared maker.

Here’s the agenda for the week-long event:

Monday August 22nd: Price Your Craft with Tara Gentile. Pricing your products isn’t just about covering your expenses and making a profit. In this class, you’ll learn how to set a pricing strategy that tells a story about your business and helps you reach your goals.

Tuesday August 23rd: Email Marketing for Crafters with Abby Glassenberg. A good email feels personal and creates a strong connection between you and your readers. Join Abby and she’ll teach you how to develop a compelling, personal, and effective email strategy.

Wednesday August 24th: How to Get More Done with Tara Swiger. Stop fretting over the limited number of hours in a day and get to work – the smart way! In this all-too-close-to-home class, Tara will lay out a simple action plan to help you manage your time, your business, and your family life more efficiently.

Thursday August 25th: Copywriting for Crafters with Lisa Jacobs. You built your online store, now it’s time to do the fine-tuning that gets people to buy. In Copywriting for Crafters, you’ll learn wordsmithing tricks and techniques that lead customers to check-out.

Friday August 26th: Build Your Holiday Marketing Plan with Megan Auman. Take advantage of seasonal excitement and market your products when people are buying. In this class, Megan will help you develop a reliable system for aligning yourself with the shopping seasons.

Improve Your Holiday Sales Craft Event on CreativeLive

Through this collection of classes you’ll get tips that’ll help you overhaul the way you do business. You’ll have the skills and tools you need to ensure your handmade business thrives, all year long.

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