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The Genius Tool Emily Soto Uses to Plan Her Fashion Shoots

by Kristy Ellington
photo & video

Pinterest. It’s more than just an inspiration board for crafty moms and at-home chefs. It’s also the tool photographer Emily Soto uses to plan her fashion shoots.

During her Photo Week 2016 class, Using Constant Light in Fashion Photography, Emily explained how she uses Pinterest to collect inspiration and collaborate with her team.


Fashion photographer Emily Soto uses Pinterest to plan her shoots! Find out more in this post.

First, she creates a board on Pinterest. You can make these secret (only viewable to you and designated team members that you invite to collaborate) or public (anyone can see the board).

Then, it’s all about saving images to the board that inspire you — from reference shots from other photo shoots, to colors, patterns, textures, or even locations. This helps her drive her overall vision for the shoot and build a story for her shoot.


From there, Emily works with her team to develop their ideas into actual elements for their shoot — wardrobe, backdrops, makeup and hair, and more.

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, it really makes sense that Emily (or any photographer) would use this tool to conceptualize and plan a shoot. Permission to play on Pinterest? Accepted.


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