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Summer DIY Project: Edible Fruit Kabob Place Cards

by Brittni Mehlhoff
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fruit kabob diy
Hey there! It’s Brittni from Paper & Stitch. I’m happy to be teaming up with CreativeLive to share some summer tutorials with you that are perfect for entertaining.
The first project is for these easy, edible fruit kabob place cards. They take just a few minutes to make and add a thoughtful touch for guests that they won’t forget. Then, once you’ve mastered these edible name plates, be sure to check out the second summer tutorial in this series on my blog, for DIY watercolor napkins.
fruit kabob
Here’s how to make fruit kabob place cards in minutes.

Fruit (melons work the best – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew)
Small alphabet cookie cutters (3/4 inch tall)
Wood skewers

fruit kabob supplies
1. Start by slicing pieces of fruit into 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick slices
2. Then arrange the letters for each guests name onto the fruit slices. Push the cookie cutters all the way through the fruit. Then pop the fruit out carefully from each cookie cutter. Note: If you have any trouble removing the fruit from the cookie cutter, gently push a wooden skewer all the way around the outer edges, in between the fruit and the cookie cutter, and it should pop right out.
3. Once you’ve cut out all of the letters for each guests name, it’s time to start assembling the kabobs. Using the pointy end of a wooden skewer, start gently threading the letters onto the skewer, by poking the skewer through each letter.
4. Next, cut some additional shapes (triangles, squares, etc) from the leftover melon slices with a knife and add them to each end of the skewer.

fruit kabob how-to

Place the finished skewers at each place setting before guests arrive, and they’ll know exactly where to sit. Plus, they will have an edible treat to munch on before the meal.
You can also use these name skewers as drink stirrers, if you’re throwing a more casual summer bash and don’t have a need for place cards.
feature-image-3-fruit-nameplate-kabobs feature-image-4-fruit-place-cards  




Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff.
Looking for even more DIYs to try? Get the tutorial for the DIY watercolor napkins pictured in these photos, right here. And if you want to get updates on DIYs, free craft classes, events, and more, sign-up for our craft updates right here.

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