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The Most Inspirational Quotes About Photography From a Pulitzer Prize Winning Photojournalist

by Kristy Ellington
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Deanne Fitzmaurice's most inspirational quotes about photography from Photo Week 2016

Deanne Fitzmaurice joined us as our third In Focus keynote speaker earlier today during day three of Photo Week. Deanne is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, filmmaker, documentarian, and as if that wasn’t enough, works as a sports photographer for Sports Illustrated and has had her images in National Geographic to boot.

To say that Deanne has seen “a lot of things” is an understatement, and because of her travels around the world working inside and outside of conflict, Deanne is especially known for using emotional and physical layers to expose human connection. That connection was prevalent in her talk today, which focused on being an objective observer in photojournalism.

Check out some of her best quotes below, then watch her presentation, Can We Be Objective Observers? along with the rest of the Photo Week 2016 bundle, which is $199 only until Thursday 9/29!

Get more quotes from Photo Week 2016 at!

Get more quotes from Photo Week 2016 at!

Get more quotes from Photo Week 2016 at!

Get more quotes from Photo Week 2016 at!





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