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Craft Studio Tour: Megan Auman

by Rachel Gregg
craft & maker, featured

Check out Megan Auman's inspiring workspace in her Craft Studio Tour on CreativeLive.

Designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur, Megan Auman has a passion for great design (paired with serious business sense) that permeates her lovely, light-filled studio space.

Megan makes “effortlessly bold” accessories in her rural Lebanon County, Pennsylvania studio. And while Megan’s style is decidedly contemporary, the farm property where she works on dates back over 200 years.
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She breaks up the space based on the task at-hand. Her workspace includes two stations with laptops, inventory storage, and a worktable.  “I really like having the business and studio space in the same space because it allows me to jump back and forth between making and working on marketing or planning or customer service”

Check out Megan Auman's inspiring workspace in her Craft Studio Tour on CreativeLive.

The building itself once housed an indoor pool, but Megan (with some deck-building help from her husband) put in the floor and developed a functional space for her to create.

Check out Megan Auman's inspiring workspace in her Craft Studio Tour on CreativeLive.

Megan admits she’s struggled with letting her work creep around the house, so her stand-alone space has been a real boon to her work/life balance – plus, “having this designated space with doors that I can close and its own space, just really makes life so much easier on me and my husband and really our entire relationship.”

Check out the space that is making Megan’s marriage more awesome in the video below:

Megan doesn’t just make amazing jewelry. She also teaches other makers how to design their own path to success.  To learn more about running your own thriving handmade business, check out Megan classes on CreativeLive and chime in on the #createtomake hashtag. Megan and fellow makers will be using the hashtag to document the steps they are taking to advance their business.

Join in and post about what you did to advance your business today. Did you build a website? Kick off a marketing plan? Fulfill 10 orders? Use #createtomake to find other makers and share your progress on Twitter!
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